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Blackwired - A Leading Cyber Intelligence Firm
Partners with Zilkroad to Protect Businesses

Hong Kong February 14, 2023 - Zilkroad Consulting Limited, a FinTech business development consultancy firm based in Hong Kong, is proud to announce its partnership with Blackwired Pte Ltd, a global leading cyber intelligence firm, to provide businesses with access to top-notch cybersecurity solutions and expert support, delivering peace of mind and next-generation protection against emerging cyber threats.

"We're thrilled to partner with Blackwired, a globally trusted provider of real-time cyber intelligence and services," said Daniel Shek, CEO of Zilkroad Consulting Limited. "Their expertise and reputation for delivering targeted protection at the pace of the adversary makes them an ideal partner for us. Together, we will provide businesses around the world with the advanced cybersecurity solutions they need to protect their sensitive information and operations."

The partnership will allow Zilkroad Consulting Limited to offer Blackwired's suite of innovative cybersecurity solutions to its customers, including its flagship Zero Day Live, as well as OverWatch and Cryptotrac2. ZDL boldly defines a new paradigm in cyber - proactive prevention by targeted adersary disruption.  It is a platform designed to prevent cyber attacks before they happen. It applies a uniquely proprietary approach honed by over two decades in clandestine cyber operations, to prevent cyberattacks proactively, and in so doing, transform businesses’ ability to manage & reduce cyber risk, improve compliance, and increase operational efficiency.

"As cyber threats continue to grow in scale & sophistication, businesses need trusted partners that can help them stay ahead of the curve," said Damian Bierman, Founding Partner and Managing Director of Blackwired. "Blackwired and Zilkroad will combine their strengths in order to further expand Blackwired's network, offering its range of products to governments, law enforcement, global corporations, and systemic institutions. The two companies are strategically aligned on core values of integrity, collaboration, and innovation, and share a common vision of protecting the digital economy of tomorrow. We're confident that this partnership will be a mutual success and we're excited to get started."

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About Blackwired

Blackwired is an intelligence firm trusted by governments, law enforcement, global corporations, and providers of critical infrastructure. It operates a diverse group of talent and applies a strong emphasis on cutting-edge cyber intelligence research and delivering innovative technology. Its principal co-founders have decades of experience in the fields of clandestine cyber intelligence operations, leading-edge sector and government security consulting, and product development & research.

Blackwired is headquartered in Singapore with offices in North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia-Pacific. Learn more at

About Zilkroad

The Silk Road was an ancient trade route that linked the Western world with the Middle East and Asia. It was a major conduit for trade between the Roman Empire and China and later between medieval European kingdoms and China. Zilkroad was born to facilitate the advance of technology solutions between the East and West, during a time of significant focus on costs, performance, efficiency and regulation. Our mission is to build long-term partnerships with technology companies who are looking to expand their global footprint through collaboration. Find out more at

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